This is Shonan Enamel website.
Shonan Enamel is Japanese Enamel and Cloisonne with Modern Style.

Workshop, Painting-Making Experience

You can make your original items with Shonan Enamel style.
It is enjoyable experience course for from children to elder person.
Let's enjoy to make your treasure with family and friends.
Paint and draw your memory of trip on the base!
It must become your treasure of your trip!

You draw and paint with Color Glazes on White Base.
You can choose variety form of White Base.
Plate Base - for Dish, Flat Base - for Ornament, Medal Base - for Accessory.
Painting will finish 30 minutes or 60 minutes by you.
Drying and Kilnning will finish within 60 minutes by stuff.
You can see your Works with total time of about 120 minutes.

Course Time Schedule
Time A : 10:00-12:00
Time B : 13:00-15:00
Time C : 16:00-18:00
Please choose from A, B, C time.

Please inform by E-mail within the day before.
Your Name, Your Phone number, Your Country, Your Address (Stay Hotel)
Course Time, Number of Persons, Age, Sex.
We reply to you Confirmation E-mail after your E-mail.
When you receive Confirmation of Reservation E-mail, your reservation will be fixed.
You may not be able to make Reservation.

Price and Fee
Plate Base (Circle of 12cm in diameter or rectangle of 10x12cm) : 4500 yen
Flat Base (Square of 10x10cm) : 4500 yen
Medal Base (leather lace attached) : 3200 yen

Acceptable Number of Persons
2~6 people.
Please apply within 2 to 6 people.

Address and Access
328-12, Amanuma, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, JAPAN
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Please contact by E-mail.

Business Hours
10:00 - 18:00

Regular Holiday
Wednesday, first and third Tuesday
*Information of Temporary Closed on google calender

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